Musical show for schools

MONDAY 29 APRIL 2019 - 10:00 & 13:30

Show for children aged 3 to 10 years old - in French

Compagnie « Dans les Bacs à Sable » (France)

« La Légende des deux Sorciers » - world premiere

The « Legend of the two Wizards » tells the story of a realm which has fallen prey to a terrible curse, a realm in which jumping for joy is now impossible. Every year a huge sorcerers' competition is organised. Wizards from the four corners of the world are convened in the hope that one of them will be capable of breaking this evil spell. Églantine, an awkward little witch and Noa, a gifted wizard, practise assiduously for the big day. Initially opponents, they end up realising that by joining forces, together they will be able to defeat the curse. To enable the whole world to jump for joy, Églantine and Noa swop their magic wands for a Guitar thus calling upon the strongest power of all : the power of Music!